DMT Alpy & Thats Creep’s ‘Tha Deal’ Sets the Stage for Phonk Tape OTS Vol 1

DMT Alpy – Tha Deal Prod by Thats Creep

Oh, DMT Alpy and Thats Creep are stirring up some serious waves with “Tha Deal.” Produced by Thats Creep and boasting a visual spectacle directed by @killbillsirenproductions, this collaboration seems set to make seismic ripples in the music scene.

The narrative seems intriguing—Alpy and Thats Creep venturing out from the swamp and dropping this track as the first glimpse into their anticipated Phonk Tape. This must be quite the sonic experience, especially with RolbysWorld in the mix.

The unveiling of “OTS Vol 1” on the horizon adds to the anticipation. This premiere hints at a larger project brewing, promising a potent blend of sounds and styles. I’d suggest spotlighting the creative chemistry between Alpy and Thats Creep, the visual prowess by @killbillsirenproductions, and delving deeper into how this release sets the stage for the Phonk Tape’s grand reveal.

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