Featured Monthly Playlists

Rockstar: Link to Playlist

Fuel your inner rock aficionado with ‘Rockstar,’ a meticulously curated blend of adrenaline-pumping Rock and Alternative melodies. Crafted by the discerning taste of @johnytiger, this playlist is a sonic journey through powerful riffs and electrifying beats, promising a high-energy musical experience.

Moody in Miami: Link to Playlist

Dive into the soul-stirring realm of ‘Moody in Miami,’ a playlist that beautifully intertwines emotions with melodies. Connect and collaborate via DM on IG with @steffyboom for opportunities to immerse your music in this mood-driven compilation. Feel the vibes, experience the emotions, and let the music transport you to the ethereal ambiance of Miami’s moody undertones.

Shoegaze Dream: Link to Playlist

Indulge in the ethereal charm of ‘Shoegaze Dream,’ where the newest Shoegaze and dreamy indie tracks find a home alongside timeless classics. With a daily dose of mesmerizing sounds and nostalgic favorites, this playlist curated for dreamers and seekers by mixing the freshest tunes with cherished gems offers an escape into a realm of blissful reverie.